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Earn passive income with Party-Coin get your Ethereum weekly.
Just sit back and relax for the rest of your life

Smart Contract White Paper

About PRT

At Party-Coin we want you to feel free and have no worries. What new project to invest in We want you to party!

Let us do the research and invest as a community so you can earn more with less risc sounds good right?

  • Buy PRT
  • Receive divs weekly
  • No freezing
  • No unstaking
  • Just buy the token hold and you are good to go

10 PRT = 1 ETH


Don't buy below 0.0001 ETH gas fee will be to high!!!

Sell PRT

Smart Contract holds a total of PRT tokens out of 100,000. There are PRT in circulation.


Q3 2020
Going live with Party-Coin & Grow the community

Going live with Party-Coin V2
Q4 2020
Create dice game based on PRT token
Q1 2021
Add more PRT based dapps if Ethereum 2.0 is live stake over 32ETH
Q2 2021
Add PRT to multiple major exchanges


Name: PartyCoin
Type: ERC20
Symbol: PRT
Platform: Ethereum
General release: 100,000 PRT

General description

By holding the PRT token you will earn dividends for life.

No worries regarding claiming your dividends of all your projects

By holding the PRT we will take care of you

Just sit back and relax

Buy Token


Total Supply (PRT)

(PRT) in Circulation

Total PRT remaining

Your Balance (PRT)


Q: How long before I will start earning income?

A: You will earn passive income from day one

Q: When can I expect my first payout?

A: Just like most DAPPs we will pay once a week to keep the fees low

Q: Can I quit whenever I want?

A: Yes you can sell your bought PRT tokens at any time

Q: Why do we only get 60% back?

A: Good question when we say you can invest 1ETH and get 1 ETH back when you quit people will stop and the contact just bleeds out. With this 60% 40% we try to keep people in for a much longer time.

Q: When will I break even?

A: This depends on the performance of the DApps. We will invest in big casinos, and as a result, dividends will be paid. Returns can fluctuate from average to high

Q: Can I lose money with Party-Coin?

A: No this is an ERC20 contract so when the site goes down the contract will remain.